Oana Millet

Oana Millet - Dew Necklace

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Color: Turquoise Green

Eye-catching necklace with overlaying discs and rings crafted from lightweight aluminium. On an adjustable toning suede cord. With alternating colours which work together to create a vibrant accent for your wardrobe, and lying flat within the neckline. We love these eye catching combinations which work well as stunning stand-alone statement pieces or in combination with many of the earrings, rings or bracelets from the Oana Millet jewellery collection.

Made in aluminium. 

Originating from an environment immersed in nature, Oana Millet jewellery is hand crafted inspired by nature. Each piece is an explosion of color, harmony and radiance. Glorious colours on light yet strong aluminium. We are proud to be an Oana Millet stockist here in the UK and are happy to order any special requests for you.