How do we combine mindful lifestyles and fashion?

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We are inspired by a global move to more mindful lifestyles.  How we choose to live has an impact on ourselves and those around us. 

We can make choices that bring joy to us and those we share our world with.

Intrinsically, to think in terms of ‘fashion’ means to think of the latest trends, styles which have within them a sense of temporary passing relevance. 

When we are looking to live sustainably and move away from the ‘throw-away’ culture of recent times, ‘fashion’ becomes a sticky subject. 


So, how do we combine sustainable, mindful living with fashion?


Firstly, we need to reframe our connection with clothing.

Focus less on the latest fashions and instead search for style.  ‘Style’ means something altogether different.  In its essence, style implies longevity, timelessness and the ability to withstand the fleeting fads and favours or its sister ‘fashion’.

When reflecting on what Kings Road is all about, it is abundantly clear.  Quality, timeless clothes that enhance your lives and allow your own level of creative expression are at the heart of what we do.

Without doubt, Kings Road Fashion was always more about enduring style than the latest fad for us.

For many years, before it was a thing – we embodied ‘Slow Fashion’ – clothes that last, pieces you want to wear for years not just seasons.  At the same time, we aspire to do more.  We choose brands that have the same ethos as us. Though fashion does inevitably have an impact on the environment, we try to work with more brands who are increasing sustainability and try to minimise their impact on the planet.

You can also make this choice.

Perhaps it means to buy less, but buy better.  Avoid the quick fix shopping which results in those ‘that will do’ pieces which are soon donated to the charity shop. Avoid the impulse buys or that internet purchase which you don’t bother to return even though it doesn’t quite suit you. Your clothes should light you up.

When you take the time to shop properly and invest in quality, well cut items that you truly love, you’ll find that you rarely want to discard items from your wardrobe, even after years because they still make you feel great when you wear them. This is sustainability at its heart.

Mindful fashion is exactly that. A change in mindset.

As you know - We care. We care about you and we care about what we do... if you’d like some help learning what really suits you, or to find clothing that truly lights you up then visit one of our stores now for an altogether different shopping experience.


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