I’ve always been passionate about fashion. From a young age I was going to places like Biba & Bus Stop, and loved to discover beautiful and unusual items of clothing. I started Kings Road in 1982 and worked with my sister Jo who loved fashion too and we had a great time together. Most of our clients are regular customers and have become firm friends over the years. What is lovely is that you get to know your customers, not just what they like to wear but about them, what’s happening in their lives and their family. I am genuinely interested in people and I think that they like that.”

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This is a family business in every way. I grew up in this business and spent much of my youth in the shop. I remember sitting on the stairs after school watching my mother and aunt with the customers all having such a great time. People love coming into the shop as it’s such a welcoming environment. Of course, our customers love the clothes, but it’s clearly so much more than that. It’s the experience.. the chat, the honest advice and assistance. In this business, you really get to connect with people. They become your friends and it’s like having the biggest annd most lovely extended family..”


My interest in fashion started at a very early age and has never wavered. I’m still very passionate about clothes and get very giddy at the start of each season when the stock hits the shop floor. I believe that looking good and feeling good go hand in hand, and a great outfit lifts our mood, as well as helps us express our personality. I love to help our clients put a new look together or add a new piece that gives a favourite item an update”


How lucky am I going to work every day surrounded by beautiful clothes & accessories & working with such lovely people. I've always worked in fashion & am a true "shop girl " at heart. I love the thrill of finding gorgeous new things when we go buying & then the feeling when our customers love them as much as we do & leave the shop with a smile on their face & happy with their purchase.

We are so lucky to have such lovely, loyal customers who it's always a pleasure to see, whether they have just come in for a chat or for help finding anything from a dress for a special occasion or a warm coat for the winter or a statement necklace to go with an outfit . We pride ourselves on having a diverse range of brands & looks to offer to our customers which works so well. I absolutely love all the quirky looks we do & am always excited when unpacking a new box which has just arrived ....


It's lovely to work in a boutique that has such a wide variety of beautiful brands to show to our customers. There is something for everyone! I love all things quirky and it's such an exciting time when all the new season stock comes flooding through the door..........

We have a very loyal customer base who we know well enough to be able to suggest new ideas to and introduce to different brands and hopefully send them out the door with some gorgeous individual outfits which will make them want to come back time and time again!”