MODM Ceramic Mask Bowl & Wand

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MODM Ceramic Mask Bowl & Wand

Ceramic bowl with a mixing wand to blend the MODM Clarifying Enzyme Powder with the medium of your choice.


diameter - 8cm

height - 3.5cm

wand - 9.5cm

MODM was started by Jodi and Dan - a brother and sister team based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Combining their many years experience working in skincare and retail design, respectfully, they opened The Method, a lifestyle store and holistic treatment space.

They saw the need for a clean, modern and well made lifestyle brand to stock in their store - so they created one.

Jodi and Dan believe the path to wellness lies in creating routine and ritual in our daily lives. From our everyday surroundings to the way we care for our skin, they believe in simplicity, utility, modernity, sensuality and efficiency.
The MODM thoughtful curation of objets draw the eye in.
The MODM home fragrance promote meditative calm.
The MODM skincare is a modern blend of finest natural ingredients that simply work.