You can continue with click & collect if you prefer. Contact us to order or shop online then collect your items at our stores during hours as above. 


We also provide local delivery or postal services. When handling goods for delivery or mail order we work carefully, with clean hands and pack your items with care. 



We are analysing the situation and consulting with trade bodies within our industry to ensure we act in line with the both the national guidelines and our customers wishes.


We will maintain the highest standards of hygiene at all times.  


We will ensure the highest levels of precaution in terms of safety and hygiene by doing the following;

  • Having a policy of no more than three customers in the shop at any one time.

  • Clear signage at the door to indicate whether it is possible to enter or not.

  • Upon entering, every customer must apply hand sanitiser.

  • Signage to remind customers to respect social distancing.

  • Staff to remind customers and ensure that this is maintained throughout the store.

  • Should any garment be tried on, it will be steam cleaned and put into a holding area for 24 hours before returning to the shop floor.

  • Ensuring that face masks are available to staff and that they will be worn whilst customers are in store.

  • Ensuring that all key touch points, such as door handles and card machine key-pads are cleaned regularly and where possible, between every customer.

  • Maintaining that all the general guidance for hygiene standards is adhered to at all times

  • We will be unable to provide an alterations service for the time being.​

We appreciate your support and understanding through this, and if you have any further questions, please get in touch at


Tuesday to Saturday   11am - 1pm - Click & Collect only

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